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Nice sun

A very good job, the music fits very well with the animation and the overall structure is simply very good.

I think that we shouldn't rely on tv channels for good cartoons, it's all going down to the internet now.

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The structure is good with a good intro and a proper build-up. I don't really hear confusion in it tbh, it sounds good to me.

A lot went down into this song as I hear it. It sounds like a peaceful landscape where someone is.
Good build-up and the outro is very nice, with the slowing down of the rhythm of the song which fits the emotional progress.

You are scouted.

Joeyag responds:

Thanks a lot!! :D

That's really a sad story behind this. It actually reminds me how Aphex Twin came up with the "twin" part in his artist name because of the twin he never had which didn't make it living into this world.

A very nice piece with a lot of emotion into it.

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A very nice and original style, I like the way how shading is applied to this in combination with the background.

CutseyWaffle responds:

Thank you soooo much!

Good use of transparency layers.

It's getting better (mostly talking about the face here). For full bodies try to start of with drawing a simple stick figure in mostly correct proportions, than draw the arms and legs over the stick figure while you try to keep the arms and legs the same size. You got both legs about the same width here, but one arm is very small while the other is a bit too big. If you first draw a stick figure you can see what the limitations of your character are, so that you don't draw the arms or legs in unrealistic ways like in some of your other drawings. Compared to your other stuff this really is an improvement, keep it going.

For the background I like what you did with the guy with a hat in the background, looks a bit like the Mask. For buildings it's recommended that you draw the windows in a similar way, right now the windows are all of different size and rotations.

MankeyManBling responds:


Hey there, I am Astro-Reality. I produce music and digital art, but I also try my hand at animation and put my stuff here on Newgrounds.
You can also find me on Deviantart and Soundcloud.

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